Are you ready for a home bar design? To create a space to entertain and enjoy? A place where you can showcase your personal style? Adding a home bar gives you the opportunity to create a versatile space for entertaining.

The perfect home bar works well with the flow of your home and integrates with the living and dining area. It is a relatively unconventional design feature, so a home bar is a perfect opportunity to play with a bolder design and add a functional and fun space in your home.

Determine How You want to Use the Space

The first step in designing your home bar is to determine how you plan to use the space. Do you want your home bar to be just a place to make drinks or an area to store additional supplies? 


Do you love to entertain and socialize? Some strategic planning is required to optimize the space with comfortable seating that creates a welcoming environment for extended conversations.

Make sure your bar is visually appealing as well. There are so many fun ways to display the different bottles you’ll commonly find in a bar. With a little planning, you can elevate everyday items and glassware into a display that

 draws people in. Unique open storage options are incredibly fun to explore and serve as the perfect conversation starter as people notice and get excited and curious about your bottles on display. 


Looking for a quieter ambiance? Maybe pour a nice brandy and cozy up in your favorite chair at the end of a long day? If you’re hoping to unwind in a relaxing and laid-back environment, you’ll want to add small sofas or cozy accent chairs.  

Watch the Big Game

If you’re a sports fan planning to install a home bar, make sure you design it to focus on the screen and consider including a beverage refrigerator so you can always be fully stocked with your favorite beers when everyone comes over to watch the big game. Don’t overdo the design elements if you’re planning on adding memorabilia from your favorite team. Simple and functional is best and will allow you to add and edit as the years and your collection grow!

Still not sure how you plan to utilize the space? This is a great opportunity to lean on a designer with experience who can talk through your needs and then make recommendations for what makes the most sense.

Optimize Its Functionality

However you plan to use your bar, there are 2 key elements to center your design around.

Double Leveled Bar

A two-tiered bar island makes for a more sophisticated look, but, it’s also a more versatile space suited for eating, drinking and socializing. When home bars are redone this is typically the top change homeowners ask for. The important thing to keep in mind with a double-level bar is to make sure you match your bar stools to your bar top height.  


Optimize Storage

Whether you opt for open shelving or closed cabinets, you’ll want to maximize your storage and countertop space. If you have only a small area to utilize for your home bar you should consider tapping the spatial reasoning skills of a designer to help you maximize the space. Poorly designed home bars with frustrating storage issues become more of a hindrance than a happy place. Put the thought and effort in now to make sure you can enjoy your bar for years to come. 

Focus on the Right Features

You want to make sure you focus on materials and features that will add character and value to your home bar design. These final decisions will help you determine how to allocate your budget to create a comfortable, inviting space that is durable. 

The Right Flooring 

A home bar – similar to your kitchen – is going to be prone to spills and other messes. It’s a high-traffic area soyou’ll want to make sure your home bar has durable flooring. If your home bar is in the basement, which is a popular location but prone to moisture, you’ll want to keep that in mind when choosing the right flooring. 

Don’t “hope and pray” when it comes to flooring. This is the literal foundation of your home bar design and if something goes wrong with the flooring you risk everything above it. Consult with a professional to make sure the flooring you’ve chosen is appropriate and adequate for home bar use.


The Right Lighting

Another key feature to consider when designing a home bar area is the lighting. Recessed lighting and ceiling pendants give you control to really set the ambient mood. You will have versatility between a brightly lit bar or a dim environment, like a dark and cozy atmosphere to reflect your favorite club or bar’s mysterious ambiance. 

A home bar is a great feature to have and gives you the option to have a great time without ever leaving your house. Love entertaining? If you get your aesthetics and functionality right, your guests will be impressed and so will prospective buyers when it comes time to sell. 

Whether you opt for a more casual laid back setting, a more serious and formal, a fun and playful aesthetic, or an eclectic style, RSI Kitchen and Bath designers can help you design the home bar that works for you and your home. If you need some inspiration, make sure to visit one of our showrooms in St. Louis, Columbia, or Wentzville.

If you are looking to design a home bar space for your home, contact us today!