RSI Kitchen and Bath

How to Begin Your Kitchen and Bath Redesign

Beginning a home remodel — such as a kitchen renovation or bathroom redesign — can be overwhelming. From discovering your design ideas to finding the right interior designer, starting your home remodel can feel like a daunting task. If you don’t know where to begin with your kitchen or bath remodel, you’re not alone.

At RSI Kitchen & Bath, our talented designers are with you from the start to help organize and execute your unique project. If you’re considering a kitchen or bathroom remodel, here’s how our designers at RSI work with you to create a space you’ll love.

Step 1: Curate Your Design Vision

A common misconception when remodeling is that you should know what you want your space to look like before working with an interior designer. You don’t have to figure out your entire project right away — we’ll work with you to determine your vision.

Our designers at RSI Kitchen & Bath not only work alongside you to curate your design inspiration, but also help you establish goals for your redesign. We recognize that remodeling your kitchen, bathroom, or bar is a multi-step process, one that should provide many opportunities to determine your design vision and style.

Start With What Inspires You

The initial phase of your kitchen or bath redesign is all about inspiration: identifying design ideas and trends you love.

When initiating your home remodel, our designers recommend beginning with one design element. A cabinet pull, a piece of floor tile, a paint color, an heirloom — your starting point can be anything that demonstrates your style.

With your selection, our designers can begin to determine your interior design style preferences and help create a curated vision for your project. As we continue through the remodel design process, this element will serve as a catalyst for your space and drive your design.

Discover Your Design Style

After discovering what inspires your interior design preferences, we work with you to determine the interior design styles that appeal to your personality. At RSI, our designers are experts in crafting our clients’ visions to create spaces that are both beautiful and functional — check out our portfolio of past projects to see those visions coming to life!

If you’re not sure which design style matches your personal taste, our find your design style guide walks you through the multitude of interior design styles. From traditional to contemporary, transitional to mid-century modern, RSI is here to help identify the styles that most appeal to you.

With so many types of design styles, there’s something for everyone — and we can help find the right blend of styles for you.

Step 2: Refine Your Dream Project

Now that you’ve gathered your inspiration, it’s time to nail down the scope of your remodel by looking at materials and determining the functionality of your space.

Gather Showroom Ideas

Sometimes it can be difficult to picture your new kitchen or bath simply by viewing photos online. If you prefer to visualize your remodel in person, visit RSI’s kitchen and bath showrooms where you can experience various design styles, features, and materials firsthand. As the largest showroom in the St. Louis region, RSI has everything you need for your home remodel: cabinets, tile, flooring, countertops, lighting, appliances, and more.

We offer free 1-on-1 style consultations at our showrooms — the perfect opportunity to determine your interior design style without a financial obligation. To schedule your free design consultation today, contact us or stop by one of our showrooms in St. Louis or Columbia.

Factor in Functionality

Your kitchen or bath remodel shouldn’t just look good — it should also serve you and your family’s needs and cater to how you use the space. Function is equally important as aesthetics when it comes to home renovations, and it can be difficult to determine which features to prioritize in your remodel. For kitchen and bath remodels, RSI designers recognize the importance of considering how you plan to use your space.

To assist our clients in deciding which functions are most important, RSI created practical guides for both kitchen planning and bathroom planning.

The kitchen planning guide helps you work through functionality considerations, like where your family eats and what activities take place in the kitchen. These questions spark discussions over having a kitchen table or breakfast bar, and whether to incorporate television, computer, or laundry space into your kitchen design.

For bathroom remodels, the planning guide assists you in determining whether you want his and hers facilities, and if you would prefer a soaking tub, shower, or both.

Step 3: Begin Your Home Remodel

Once you’ve narrowed down the scope of your remodel project and determined the functionality of your space, it’s officially time to embark on your dream remodel with an in-home measurement and working sessions with your RSI designer.

Measure the Space

When you meet with our designers, you’ll provide a rough estimate of dimensions for your space. If you want help measuring your kitchen or bath, check out our online measuring guide.

After your initial consultation, our installation manager or your contractor will take in-home measurements for your remodel. Once our designers have seen your space, we work with you to review design options and suggest modifications based on the structure of your home.

Collaborate with Your Designer

Finally, the time has come to make the selections for your materials and design style for your kitchen or bath remodel. Working closely with our designers, our clients participate in comprehensive design sessions to determine each element of your redesign.

Once you’ve determined your remodel plan, our designers create detailed design renderings for you to see your new space. In addition, RSI will put together an installation plan for contractors and check in frequently to ensure the project goes as planned.


If you’re ready to begin your dream kitchen or bath redesign, visit our St. Louis or Columbia showrooms, or contact us today. We look forward to helping you make your remodeling dreams come true!