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Selecting Kitchen Appliances: Where Do I Begin?

When you begin your kitchen remodel project, you may think about the overall design — its look and feel. What color cabinets will you choose? What about the countertop surface? 

But one of the biggest — and most practical — decisions you’ll have to make is regarding your kitchen appliances. Here are some things to think about, whether you’re embarking on a full remodel or are simply looking to upgrade.

Decide Your Appliance Configuration

While it may not sound as fun as choosing a backsplash design, your appliances will have a big impact on the overall layout of your kitchen. You don’t have to choose the exact appliance models at this time, but if you make some key appliance decisions early on, it could save you lots of revision time down the road.

For instance:

  • Do you want a 42-inch built-in refrigerator or a standard refrigerator?
  • Do you need a pro-style range or  a double oven with  a cooktop?
  • Will you need room for a range hood or do you want a more subtle ventilation system? 

Appliances are also a big-budget item — you can buy a new refrigerator for $900 or $9,000 — so making some of these selections earlier rather than later can help you stay on budget.

Think About Your Lifestyle

A matte black range from Dacor

You may have seen an amazing kitchen on Pinterest or Instagram, but it’s good to take time to think about what kitchen appliances are best for your family’s needs. 

How often do you cook, and how do you like to cook? If you’re a frequent entertainer or always host your family’s holiday gathering, you may decide  double ovens will work best for your needs (and you may even decide to have two dishwashers for fast and easy clean-up!)

Are you frequently pressed for time? Getting a quick 30-minute meal on the table before your child’s soccer practice starts may warrant a quick pre-heat oven.

Have lots of individuals living under the same roof? A large refrigerator will be key. Are you a great baker? A convection or steam oven will suit your needs perfectly. Got little kids? Smudge-proof stainless steel appliances will be your best friend. 

Your RSI designer will ask you these questions and more to determine how your new appliances can best fit your family’s lifestyle.

Try Them Out

One of the best things about working with a kitchen design company like RSI is that you can visit our showrooms at any time to test out  kitchen appliances and see how they look in kitchens. You can see colors in real life and can better visualize how each piece might work (or not work) for your own home.

The Latest In Kitchen Appliances

In addition to choosing kitchen appliances that suit your needs, at the end of the day, you’re getting new appliances — why not have some fun and see what’s out there?

A black and brass range from La Cornue

Kitchen appliances have evolved over recent years. Take a look at some unique options available to you:

Interesting Finishes

Stainless steel has reigned in kitchen appliances for a long time — and it’s not going anywhere. But more homeowners are choosing unique, yet still timeless finishes including matte black stainless steel for a moody look. 

On the other end of the spectrum, white appliances have become popular again, especially when they feature elevated accents like brass knobs. 

Appliances have hopped on the two-tone style bandwagon, with many including brass and gold accents in their finishes. 

Innovative Technology

A blue, brass and stainless range from Dacor

Smart technology has taken over the kitchen. We now have refrigerators that have touchscreens, allowing you to see when your food expires. There are dishwashers that recycle filtered water for use on the next cycle. Innovation in the kitchen works to make your life easier and your cooking and prep more efficient. 

Sleek, Contemporary Style

Say goodbye to large, chunk pro-styles of appliances. Homeowners are gravitating toward a sleeker alternative.

Are you ready to begin your kitchen project and need help choosing your kitchen appliances? Our design team is here! Contact us to schedule your kitchen design consultation or visit one of our kitchen remodeling showrooms today.