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How to Design the Perfect Kids’ Bathroom

Whether you’re building a new house or renovating your current home, you want it to be a place that’s functional for your family. And if your family includes children, you especially want to think about how the design affects them!

Designing a kids’ bathroom involves the perfect balance of fun with functionality. Take a look at how RSI’s designers work with clients to make your kids’ bathroom a successful project.

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What Should I Include In a Kids’ Bathroom?

If you have the space for it, having a separate bathroom just for your kids can be life-changing for your family. Here are the design elements we think about when designing a kid’s bathroom. 

Include a Bathtub

It may seem obvious, but with the current trend of stand-alone showers in bathrooms, it can be easy to forget that kids require something different. A bathtub should be the number one on your checklist. We also recommend installing a hand-shower on a slide bar. As children grow and begin taking showers, the ability to lower the shower head is very helpful.

Think About Functionality

Make sure there’s a space for everything to keep things tidy. What do your kids need most in the bathroom? How can you make it easy for them to find and use what they need?

Your vanity cabinet or bathroom closet should provide ample storage for their products and toys. Include towel hooks and bars that are easy for children to reach. Especially for younger children, having a stool makes it simple for them to brush their teeth and wash their hands. Consider using a wall-hung vanity to provide easy stool storage.

Make Bathroom Chores Easy

Unless you love picking up dirty clothes off the bathroom floor, replacing empty toilet paper holders, or yelling to “pick up your wet towel,” there are simple design fixes to make these daily bathroom chores easy for your kids to follow. 

Provide a hamper in the bathroom instead of expecting them to carry dirty clothes back to their rooms. Cabinet pull-out options are available in most cabinet lines. Use towel hooks instead of towel bars, and consider using toilet paper hooks instead of spring-loaded dispensers. 

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Keep Things Separate

Have multiple children who will be sharing a bathroom? If you have the room for it, there are several bathroom design options that could make life a little simpler for your kids. Perhaps consider a longer vanity with two sinks, or go for a Jack and Jill bathroom.

In new homes, we’re seeing a trend of double sinks and a separate toilet/shower in kids’ bathrooms, so that one child can be getting ready while the other bathes without issue.

Choose Easy-to-Clean Elements

You can make sure that your kids’ bathroom is easy-to-clean while also making it aesthetically pleasing. For instance, choose a floor tile that works well with dark grout, which hides dirt and grime better. You might also consider tiling the walls, which makes it much simpler to wipe down regularly.

Choose durable materials, such as brushed nickel, for faucets and fixtures, which hide watermarks and fingerprints well.

Make It Safe

Slip-resistant tiles, such as textured porcelain, help ensure your kids don’t wipe out after their bath. Make sure your tubs and sinks include overflow drains to mitigate any potential issues. 

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In addition, choose bath mats that have rubber backing to prevent any slips and falls.

Focus on Fun

Above all else, this should be a fun space that reflects your unique kids. Let them be part of the design process, incorporating their favorite colors or animals or patterns. It should be a space that works for your family, but it should also be a place where you can be creative.

Are you ready to begin your kids’ bathroom project? The bathroom designers at RSI are looking forward to learning about your vision. Contact us to schedule your design consultation or visit one of our bathroom showrooms today.