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Top Kitchen Renovation Trends for 2021

A kitchen is the heart of the home; it’s not simply where you cook dinner, but it’s where people gather and entertain. A kitchen renovation that is catered to your preferences as well as adding value to your home can be a difficult balance to strike. 

If you’re planning an entire overhaul of your kitchen this year or just looking for a few update ideas, you’ll want to know what’s popular this year. Our team of RSI kitchen designers share the stunning top kitchen renovation trends we’re seeing in 2021 related to style, materials and finishes.  

What Kitchen Design Style is Popular?

Before you can start choosing materials to contribute to the design you would like to achieve, you need to determine what style you’re looking for. In 2021, the most popular kitchen renovation style is contemporary. 

Contemporary Kitchen Styling with Clean Lines 

A contemporary design is a minimal and simplistic approach that is not to be confused with the sometimes colder, modern style. Contemporary design focuses on tile work and geometric designs. With its clean lines, it creates a very warm and serene environment. It uses natural and bright tones, and the beauty is found in the unique and quiet details.

A Focus on Storage and Organization

Since we’re looking to keep the design contemporary and de-cluttered, having optimal kitchen storage space and maximizing on kitchen functionality with organization is necessary. 

We’ve had to redesign our homes because many of us are staying home more than ever before, and we’re also cooking from home more too which means more food, more appliances and the need for more space. Many of our clients want to optimize their storage space and keep it organized. A huge 2021 kitchen renovation trend is to focus on seamlessly incorporating as much storage into a design as possible. 

kitchen storage

Optimizing storage space allows for kitchens to be transformed into an inviting contemporary living space that feels clean and uncluttered. More cabinet space for all types of appliances like an air-fryer or slow cooker is something we all want a little more of in our kitchen renovations.

What Types of Materials Are Being Chosen?

Choosing the right materials for your design look can be overwhelming and difficult, especially when you want to get the most for your budget. Our designers are here to help you envision the perfect kitchen by choosing the right materials. 

Warm Wood Tones

Contemporary doesn’t have to mean “cold. Wood cabinetry offers a great way to warm up any contemporary space, especially a kitchen.  However, gone are the yellow maple tones and red cherry tones that were so popular for so long.  Maple, alder, and rift-cut oak with a grey/brown stain are great updated choices.

Need help choosing wood tones?  Our RSI designers will help you determine the best color palette and countertop style to complement the gorgeous grain and hues of the warm wood.   

Quartz Countertops 

Quartz countertops are still hot this year, and we can understand why. Quartz is harder and more durable than granite. Also, since it’s not porous, it doesn’t need to be resealed and is easier to keep bacteria-free.

We’re sure you’ve heard the pros and cons of quartz versus granite, but this year’s overarching opinion is that quartz is more popular because it’s low maintenance, versatile and timeless. 

Quartz countertops are made to last in form, function and fashion. Since it’s manufactured, quartz countertops can be designed and styled in numerous ways. It continues to be used in a variety of kitchen styles. 

What Finishes Are Being Used?

Now that you have determined what style and materials you plan to use by working with our RSI kitchen design teams, it’s time to put the finishing touches on your 2021 dream kitchen renovation.      

The bold trends in finishes we are seeing this year complement the popular rising contemporary style. It’s the final touches that really pull the design together and create a warm, inviting room.   

Black Stainless Steel Appliances

Black stainless offers a new spin on the stainless steel appliance trend. Black stainless steel appliances are easier to clean and have better fingerprint resistance than traditional stainless. They’ve also been deemed a warmer alternative to a stainless steel appliance, which can have a bit more of an industrial feel.

While most black appliances typically absorb light, black stainless appliances reflect light into the space to add to the positive energy of a contemporary kitchen redesign. 2021 kitchens seem to be ready for this bold design. (And if you need help selecting kitchen appliances, don’t forget to get in touch with RSI!)  

Gold, Honey Bronze, and Matte Black Finish

For hardware and plumbing finishes, kitchen renovations are opting for gold, honey bronze and matte black finishes, adding warmth to any kitchen design. In designing a kitchen or bath, small details like cabinet hardware make a big difference in updating a room’s look or style. Unique kitchen hardware can be a bold statement but also serve as a conversation piece. 

Kitchen Design for 2021 and Beyond

Top trending 2021 kitchen designs are all about building a peaceful and inviting place for your family to gather. We want your kitchen to be an extension of your home and your personality. 

Investing in a kitchen renovation can add resale value to your home and knowing what is trending and what is designed to last can help you make decisions about style, materials and finishes. Renovate your kitchen this year with excitement and confidence!  

Contact RSI’s kitchen design team to discuss how to plan for your kitchen renovation in the top 2021 design trends.