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Kitchen Renovation Choices That Offer the Biggest ROI

While you want your kitchen renovation to reflect your own personal style and preferences, many clients come to RSI with another concern in mind: how can I get the most bang for my buck?

Whether there are immediate plans to renovate and sell, or you’re thinking about selling sometime in the future, that kitchen renovation ROI can be an important factor in your decisions.

How Should I Update My Kitchen?

If you want to embark on a kitchen renovation that’s worth your investment, consider including the following items on your list:

Update Your Appliances

When a potential buyer walks into your kitchen, there’s a good chance their eyes are going straight to your appliances. Old kitchen appliances scream “dated kitchen.”

Luckily, this is an easy thing to replace! Choose matching materials for your appliances in timeless finishes, like stainless steel, to keep your kitchen looking updated. French door refrigerators also offer great storage and can go with you when you move.

(Need help selecting kitchen appliances? We’ve got you covered.)

Add New Countertops and Backsplash

Have countertops and a backsplash that are the style from another era? Or maybe they simply have seen better days? No matter how big or small your kitchen renovation is, these are quick and easy items to add to your list for impressive, modern results (and with little construction mess).

Quartz countertops have been hugely popular in recent years and will continue to give kitchens that timeless, high-quality finish potential homeowners are looking for. Whether you go for a classic subway tile or something more trendy, a clean, single-color backsplash will also catch buyers’ eyes.


Refresh (or Replace) Your Cabinets

Your cabinets do a lot of heavy lifting, and if they’ve been in your kitchen for decades, there’s a good chance they’re showing that wear and tear.

Luckily there are a few options for homeowners, depending on your budget:

  • Replace the cabinets — For those who are ready to start fresh and may already be embarking on a total gut renovation, it may be an easy decision to find new cabinets you like and get rid of the old ones altogether.
  • Reface the cabinets — Maybe the structure of your cabinets is in good shape but the drawers and interiors have seen better days. Refacing your cabinets can give the illusion of having brand new cabinetry but with a lower price tag and effort.
  • Repaint the cabinets — Depending on the material of your cabinets, sometimes all they need to feel new again is a new coat of paint. Your RSI designer can help you decide which color would be best.

No matter which option you choose, don’t forget the hardware! Brand new kitchen cabinet hardware can make all the difference in both new and updated cabinets. This is also a very quick DIY project for those looking to save a little extra money.

Blue Island and Stainless Hardware

Choose the Right Color Scheme

Did you or a previous owner get a little paint-happy in the kitchen at one point? Or is there simply a lot going on?

Even if your appliances, cabinetry and countertops are in good shape, potential buyers may gloss over them if the colors are wrong. Here are some timeless and attractive color combinations to consider:

  • Classic white – There’s nothing wrong with an all-white kitchen, from the walls to the subway tile and quartz countertops. Be sure to add in some warmth with natural textures or accent colors in your decor.
  • Muted neutrals – Maybe white’s too stark for you but you aren’t keen on playing with colors. Tranquil beiges and greys can be gorgeous in a kitchen without feeling too dull.
  • Blues and greens – From dusty blue cabinets to rich green walls, these hues can be soothing and eye-catching when chosen with purpose.

Where Do I Begin?

There are so many ways to be purposeful in your kitchen renovation choices, but often homeowners have difficulty knowing where to start. By working with an RSI kitchen designer, you’ll have someone to bounce ideas off of and get inspiration

Ready to start your kitchen renovation project that gives you a return on investment? Contact RSI Kitchen & Bath’s kitchen designers today or visit one of our showrooms.